The Death of Stalin (Review)

Robert Pimm
Robert Pimm


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2 Responses

  1. Well I enjoyed it. It was longer than I usually like, at around 100 mins, but didn’t outstay its welcome and there were some truly excellent performances. I decided it wasn’t really a comedy as such; rather it used comic devices to portray the banality and brutality of the Stalin regime. Most of the people around him came across as utter mediocrities, which they probably were – the exception being Marshal Zhukov. Not many parts for women, but the two chief female characters – Stalin’s daughter and a brave pianist – were both outstanding. I thought Beria got off far too lightly, though, until he was finally dispensed with. The main weakness was that some of the violence was too cartoonish and overt – one of the horrors of Stalinism was that so much happened in secret.

    There were some telling comments from “senior Russian cultural figures” quoted in the Times describing TDoS as “insulting” and “disgusting” and “vicious and absolutely inappropriate”. Clearly a nerve was struck there.

  2. Nachdem ich die sehr ausführliche Vorschau gesehen habe, beschloss ich, mir den Film nicht zur Gänze anzuschauen: der überzeichnete Humor in dem diese sinsistren Gestalten forgeführt wurden, werden diesen Verbrechern, allen voran Beria nicht gerecht und ob die beiden Frauen tatsächlich solche Lichtgestalten waren, kann ich nicht beurteilen.

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