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Reading tips: “Pigs have Wings” by P G Wodehouse

“Pigs have Wings” is one of the series of Wodehouse novels set at Blandings Castle, in Shropshire, featuring Lord Emsworth and his prize pig, the Empress of Blandings.  This review includes quotes from “Pigs have Wings”. 

Which is the best Wodehouse?  Are the Jeeves and Wooster stories pre-eminent?  Or are the Blandings Castle novels funnier?

To further my research I am reading the Blandings Castle novels, starting with Summer Lightning (links in bold italics are to other posts on this site).  My latest pleasure has been Pigs have Wings.

Pigs feature liberally on the cover of my Folio Society edition 

The Blandings Castle novels are a delight.  To immerse oneself in the serene calm of the Somerset countryside, whether at Blandings itself or the nearby village of Market Blandings, where the Emsworth Arms serves G. Ovens’ home-brewed ale (I am salivating as I write) is a delight comparable to a sparkling glass of Pimm’s on a warm summer’s evening.  You feel cared for, comfortable and at ease, like returning to a cosy home after a stressful journey. (more…)

Reading tips: “Summer Lightning” by P G Wodehouse

“Summer Lightning” is the fourth novel set at Blandings Castle, in Shropshire, the seat of the absent-minded Lord Emsworth and his prize pig, the Empress of Blandings, and my first.  The Blandings series is different from the Jeeves and Wooster classics – but the 36 quotations below show why it made me laugh out loud. 

My recent blog Reading Wodehouse: a plea for help recorded that I had finished the main body of Jeeves and Wooster stories.  I sought advice on what other Wodehouse was out there, and what I should read next.  I received a host of helpful comments (at the link: feel free to take a look).  Thanks, everyone.

In the light of this advice I have started reading the Folio Society Plums of Wodehouse collection, which opens with the magnificent short story Uncle Fred Flits By.  I have also read Summer Lightning.

My Folio Society edition of “Summer Lightning”

To read these works is like discovering a delicious new wine from a much-trusted region: a whole new fountain of pleasure which recalls the original, sublime experience.  I look forward to getting to know Uncle Fred, and Blandings, better.

What struck me about Summer Lightning, (more…)

Reading Wodehouse: a plea for help

I need help.

I need help from Wodehouse experts, or Kenner as we call them here in Austria.

For years, I have been relishing my father’s Folio Society collection of Jeeves and Wooster stories.  I have so far read 14 of them, as reported in my blogs Aunts aren’t gentlemen – 10 quotations, Jeeves and the feudal spirit: 20 delicious quotations, and Right ho, Jeeves – 14 fruity quotations (links in bold italics are to other posts on this site).

When I started reading Wodehouse, as reported in my blog How to read P G Wodehouse: a practical guide, I received invaluable practical advice from top Wodehouse specialist Plumtopia.  I recommend her.

I have now reached the final boxed set of my father’s collection, which I find comprises six volumes set at Blandings Castle: Summer Lightning (1929); Heavy Weather (1933); Uncle Fred in the Springtime (1939); Full Moon (1947); Pigs Have Wings (1952); and Service with a Smile (1961).

The cover of my Folio Society edition of “Summer Lightning”

My problems are: (more…)

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