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The artistic movement you never heard of – love or hate?

What is the most famous art movement you have never heard of?

I suspect it could be the “Zero Art Movement”.  Let’s explore it.


The Sky Over Nine Columns – Heinz Mack (with Bosphorus behind)

The Zero art movement was based mostly in Germany in the years 1957-69.  Let’s listen to one of its founders, Otto Piene, in his Paths to Paradise:

I go to darkness itself, I pierce it with light, I make it transparent, I take its terror from it, I turn it into a volume of power with the breath of life like my own body, and I take smoke so that it can fly.

Maybe that is magnificent.  Maybe it’s meaningless.  I’m not sure.  Maybe you’re not sure either. But wait.

When I was invited to visit the exhibition ZERO. Countdown to the Future at the Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul, I tried to keep an open mind; but feared for the worst. (more…)

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