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The Swedish Woman: ‘Please, Tatiana, show mercy!’

‘Please, Tatiana, show mercy!’

But Tatiana does not show mercy.  You can find out why in my 2016 Hotel Story, the sixth in the series.

If you have read any of the Hotel Stories, you will enjoy this one.  If you haven’t read any, The Swedish Woman is a great place to start.

How to enjoy The Swedish Woman;

  • You can read some of The Swedish Woman instantly via this free chunky excerpt;
  • You can scoop up all seven Hotel Stories, including The Swedish Woman, in one package in Hotel Stories: The Complete Collection;
  • If you can’t afford it or don’t like paying for stories, no problem: write a comment below and I’ll send you a free Word copy of the first short story in the series, “The Two Rooms“.  It would be great to hear from you.

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Why you’ll like The Swedish Woman

Who is the enigmatic Swedish woman?


It’s time to find out.  The Swedish Woman, the sixth short story in the unique “Hotel Stories” series, reveals the answer.  It’s the most entertaining story yet.  It has several outstanding twists and novelties.

One of the novelties is that for the first time (more…)

The Swedish Woman – Hotel Story No.6

In an hotel elevator awash with blood, a man lies murdered.  But who is the killer?

What is the role of the enigmatic Swedish woman, whose identity is shrouded in mystery?

In The Swedish Woman Ms N, the most brilliant, unpredictable and occasionally homicidal hotel manager in the world, must solve the crime before the country’s untainted-by-corruption-of-any-kind Minister of Justice, who happens to be one of the suspects, can solve it in his unique and not necessarily helpful way.

The Swedish Woman has been rated by some readers as the funniest Hotel Story so far.


Preview: a new Hotel Story: The Swedish Woman

In an elevator awash with blood, a man lies murdered.  But who is the killer?  And what is the role of the enigmatic Swedish woman, whose identity is shrouded in mystery?

Find out here, soon.

After a year in the crafting, I shall publish soon my sixth in the series of short Hotel Stories.  

Its title is The Swedish Woman.

Hailed by early readers as maybe the funniest of the Hotel Stories so far, The Swedish Woman features a galaxy of extraordinary characters – from the 100% untainted-by-corruption-of-any-kind Minister of Justice and the charming but elderly Irish gentleman in search of female company who may or may not have only six months to live; through the brilliant, unpredictable and occasionally homicidal hotel manager Ms N and her beautiful but naive ally, Tatiana; to the mysterious Swedish woman herself.

Who is she, and what is she doing in the hotel?

By way of a taster, here is the first part of the story.  Enjoy, (more…)

My fifth fabulous Hotel Story – “Ask for Scarlett” – now available!

I’m delighted to announce that the fifth in the series of “Hotel Stories”, Ask for Scarlett, is now available.  If you have a Kindle, or a Kindle app on your iPad, laptop or other digital device, you can download it instantly with six other stories in Hotel Stories: the Complete Collection.



I wrote about Ask for Scarlett in a previous post, including the fact that it lets us, for the first time, see parts of the story from the point of view of Ms N – the most brilliant, unpredictable and occasionally homicidal hotel manager in the world.  It may also, perhaps, introduce a couple of comparatively sympathetic male characters.


Biotime: the Vietnam connection

I’m delighted to see today that I’ve had the first five hits on this website from Vietnam.  Greetings, and a humble welcome, to my Vietnamese readers.

Biotime Cover

Vietnam plays an important role in Biotime. It is the home to the unhappy Sue Phu, eight times a mother, who first appears in Biotime excerpt 17: “California? Meet Vietnam“.  Her story continues in excerpt 18: “The man in the boat arrives – with a “Peace” tattoo“; and excerpt 19: “Sue Phu sells her baby boy“.  Sue Phu’s infant appears again at the end of excerpt 21, “A severed hand, transfixed by a knife”; and excerpt 22,”By now, the baby’s arm was thick with needles“, in which the child is named “Tho” and things are looking pretty bleak for him.  After that, Tho disappears for a while; but never fear – he will resurface, along with Martha O’Leary, Athena, KY Sutanto and many other of the larger-than-life characters who populate Biotime.

If you want to read the entire astonishing story, start with Biotime complete.  To read about the philosophical underpinnings of the novel, see 7 ways my sci-fi novel Biotime explains the meaning of life. And for a discussion of where creativity comes from, see 5 ways my novel Biotime shows wealth and creativity can’t mix.

Biotime.  It’s like ogres.  Layers upon layers upon layers.

5 ways my novel Biotime shows wealth and creativity can’t mix

You know that stereotype of the starving artist in a garret producing a masterpiece?

It appeals to starving artist types.  It also appeals to comfortable well-off types who think that maybe if they were skinnier and hungrier they’d be creative too.

All I need is a garret to be the next Toulouse-Lautrec/Stevie Smith/[fill in name]!

Like many stereotypes there’s a grain of truth in it.  But why?

You can find a philosophical and intellectually robust exposition of why wealth and creativity don’t mix in my novel Biotime.

Biotime Cover

You can read the first part of the novel in full on this site.  The whole novel is not yet available (I’m in discussion with a publisher).  So for now, here’s a summary of 5 ways Biotime shows wealth and creativity can’t mix:


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