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John Connolly’s Charlie Parker novels: read them

They come now, the dark angels, the violent ones, their wings black against the sun, their swords unsheathed.

Does evil exist independently?  Or does it arise purely from human beings?  To read this quotation from John Connolly’s third Charlie “Bird” Parker novel, The Killing Kind, one might think Connolly believed in a malice independent of man.

At the Erich Fried literary festival

I had the privilege of interviewing John Connolly at the Erich Fried literary festival in Vienna last month.  A writer of prodigious output, his recent works include hea literary imagining of the comedian Stan Laurel, and A Book of Bones, the 17th in the Charlie Parker series.

In preparation for interviewing John I read the first three of the series: Every Dead Thing, Dark Hollow and The Killing Kind.  I found Charlie Parker a fine creation: disturbed, vengeful, tough, (more…)

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