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“Tatort” – a textbook on language & culture 8/10

A detective from western Germany, sent to investigate a murder in what used to be East Germany, finds evidence implicating a right-wing duelling fraternity.

An Austrian detective investigating a brainwashing cult which makes money preying on vulnerable young people finds his daughter targeted.

A Swiss woman working for a controversial assisted suicide programme is murdered.

A serial killer who targets people with medical or psychological problems decides to kill next the detective investigating him – who is, indeed, suicidal.

Trailer for episode 1,001 “Es lebe der Tod” (Long live death) on 20.11.16

The German police procedural Tatort has been running since 1970.  Every Sunday evening at 20.15, a 90-minute episode is aired in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The series enjoys cult status partly because of (more…)

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