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Discoverability and the joys of e-book marketing: part 2 of 2

I wrote recently about how writers who use the powerful tool of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to publish e-books online face an age-old challenge in a new form.

Your book is available to the whole world.

But how you bring it to the world’s attention?

This challenge is called “discoverability” – and it affects all of us.  You can read more about it in part 1 of this post.

I wrote in that blog that I was trying out a range of promotional techniques for my Hotel Stories.  I was able to experiment with different techniques for each.

The good news is that during the week of the promotion period, my free e-book sales rose to around one hundred times my usual paid-for sales.  My paid-for sales rose to roughly six times average over the same period.  Sound great?  But there are catches.  Let’s look at the numbers, which were surprising. (more…)


Discoverability and the joys of e-book marketing: part 1 of 2

The good news about e-books?  Anyone can publish one, for free.  People have said this is a revolution bigger than the invention of the Internet.  It’s more like the invention of printing.

Here’s a story.  Long ago, before Kindle and the Internet, I had a novelist friend who had published four books.  He must have been ecstatically happy, right?

Wrong.  My friend was miserable.  He complained that his publishing house was not marketing or promoting his latest novel.  He had sold only a couple of hundred copies.  Luckily, his wife had a full-time job, so he did not have to rely on his income as a full-time writer.  His present publisher was his third; he kept looking for a new publisher who would promote his books properly.  So far he had had little success.


This story goes to the heart of the problems which today face people who publish e-books themselves on-line, notably on Amazon – like, for example, my short story The Two Rooms.   (more…)

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