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Hotel Story No.8: Seven Ukrainian Girls

An introduction to, and excerpt from, my short story “Seven Ukrainian Girls” – Number 8 in the “Hotel Stories” series.

Welcome to a brand new “Hotel Story”.

Seven Ukrainian Girls is the eighth story in the series, and follows on from the tales collected in my book Seven Hotel Stories.  

The Ultra Platinum Paradise Beach Resort offers fabulous facilities.  The exclusive Black Hole Coral Reef Dive Adventure, the Blue Planet Fish Restaurant and the Metaphysical Balance Repair Clinic and Spa should surely guarantee guest satisfaction.

So why is the Ultra Platinum losing money – and why is no-one drinking the famous Megastar all-day cocktails at the Beachfront Ultra Platinum Club?

Ms N, the world’s most brilliant, unpredictable and occasionally homicidal hotel manager, has been sent in to solve some problems.  Her beautiful but naive ally Tatiana has accompanied her.

Ms N believes that “in every challenge, there is an opportunity”.  But how will she tackle the hotel’s problems by calling in seven beautiful Ukrainian girls, who bring with them five large suitcases of high pork traditional country sausages? (more…)

Seven Hotel Stories: 19 Reviews

Seven Hotel Stories is available on Amazon – as a paperback or an e-book.  All the stories are set in luxury five-star hotels and star the world’s most brilliant, unpredictable and occasionally homicidal hotel manager, Ms N; and Tatiana, her beautiful but naive accomplice.

Rather than have me tell you about them, let’s see what reads have said about the Hotel Stories:

  • “You’ll never make a fuss at a hotel again”
  • “Tatiana is Watson to Ms N’s Sherlock Holmes”
  • “These stories are a delight.  Robert Pimm understands the female experience of keeping life on track whilst needing the keep the illusion of male superiority intact.  But his heroine can be ruthless, too.”
  • “Beautifully written and compulsively addictive.”
  • “A slick read, lots going on here, finely paced and loved the subtle unsheathing of a hidden cutting edge in 5-star hotel-keeping.”

  • “A cross between The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Fawlty Towers”
  • “Delightful, dark, twisted, ingenious humour”
  • “This is strong stuff. When the beam of Tatiana’s torch swings round in stifling darkness to reveal handcuffs and workmen’s tools,we know it’s time to right some truly awful wrongs”


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