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On this site you can find: 1. Original fiction and writing tips; 2. Reviews; 3. Reflections on life and women’s issues; and 4. Journalism.

1. Original fiction and writing tips

You can learn all about my famous Hotel Stories  or, if you want to acquire the outstanding-value Hotel Stories: the Complete Collection on Kindle, go to (for US readers) or (for Brits).

You can explore my novel Biotime through the category Biotime Themes; or try reading the first 30% or so of the novel, in one chunk, on this site.

You can see top tips about writing under Writing about Writing, for example:

2 sets of brilliant tips on “how to write” (George Orwell vs Henry Miller)

How to work better: 10 rules?  Or not?

How to write: Orhan Pamuk

Valley of the Rogue excerpt from the account of one the last people to hitch-hike around the USA

How to write – insights into my creative processes, such as they are

How to read P G Wodehouse: a practical guide

7 tips for writing the perfect article (part 1 of 2)

The 4 elements of the perfect article: Nut-grafs & Cosmic Kickers (part 2 of 2)

Nine questions about the Alan Clark Diaries: 0/10? or 10/10?

2. Reviews

A popular new feature.  You can see them all, or choose from the list below:

India: 10/10. Shantaram 3/10

Central European melancholy 10/10

Fine Austrian movies: Toni Erdman vs Wilde Maus

The Third Man. Movie magic – 10/10

Get Out – an instant classic? 9/10

Zombeavers?  Yes!  Prometheus?  Yes!  A girl walks home alone at night? Not yet… and Tokyo Tribes 9/10

Trollope: 11 reasons to read him 10/10

Museum of Innocence: how men think? 8/10

6 reasons “The Neon Demon” makes “Showgirls” look like Shakespeare 2/10

The Internet. 7 reasons why it will destroy civilisation

Review: Vienna cafes: which are best?

DON’T PANIC: a communications masterclass 10/10

The Wave: 5 reasons to miss it & 7 reasons you must see it 9/10

Spectre: 5 reasons to miss it & 5 reasons you’ll see it 4/10

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 6 reasons I was surprised 8/10

Independence Day 2: Oh, my God! 1/10

Football: how to fix FIFA and World Cup corruption

The Force Awakens: 6 reasons I was surprised 8/10

3. Existential and women

Reflections on happiness, the meaning of life, and women, e.g.:

Transience and Fat Lama

Wonder Woman and Wartime Moral Confusion (WMC)

How to be happy: 11 simple tools 

Women in fiction: Atomic Blonde and Blood Summit

Tuchman’s Law (or “Always look on the bright side”?): 9/10

Happiness and small victories 

Things are getting worse, right?  Wrong. Here’s why

Want to smartphone detox?  Here’s how

The Simpsons – existential, circular fantasy

Spectre: another reason to miss it? Women. 4/10

4. Journalism


– Read it now, watch it fast: scary, scarier, scariest

– Why Barcelona is like Istanbul – in a bad way

And some older pieces published in the print media

– Financial Times, “Behind every great woman… (challenges facing male partners of successful women)

– Financial Times, “Where the wall came down” (a walk around the Berlin Wall)

– Financial Times, “Island with well-hidden treasures” (Lundy Island)

– Financial Times, “A tale of two all-in resorts” (German holiday resorts are better than French ones)

– Financial Times, “Rag’n’bones to riches” (80th birthday of Mary, from Arsenal)

– Financial Times, “Austrian idyll far from the well-worn pistes” (the joy of Lech)

– Financial Times, “When dinner becomes the last supper” (astonishing German waiters)

– Financial Times, “Enough Buddhas for today” (Bangkok with children)

– Financial Times, “We’ll soon all beg to fly business” (how airlines plan to make us upgrade)

– Die Welt, “Im Dienst Ihrer Majestät” (in German: women’s diplomatic careers)

– Financial Times, “Balmy breezes and beach bars in Berlin

– Financial Times, “Where even experts fear to tread” (why try guided ski-ing?)

– Financial Times, “Sole mates” (Strolz ski boots)

– Boston Globe, “New Zealand at a crossroads” (over-development of NZ tourism)

– Financial Times, “The Penguin’s Distressed. We’d Better Go” (NZ eco-tourism)

– Financial Times, “The Joy of Roaming the English Countryside” (long-distance footpaths)

– Financial Times Magazine, “All the Rage in Berlin” (Little Traffic Light Men)

– Financial Times, “From Tears to Triumph” (why use ski schools?)

– Financial Times Magazine, “All the Rage in Lech, Austria” (heated ski lift seats)

– Financial Times, “Rattle and Roll to the Alps (night ski-trains)

– Financial Times, “Charmed By the No-Frills Alternative” (basic country hotels)

– Boston Globe, “A flaming end to Carnival and winter’s woes (Cologne Carnival)

– Financial Times, “When Tourist Reinvention Spins Out of Control” (the over-development of Barcelona)

– Boston Globe, “A Temple to Faith, Time and Resolve” (Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia)

– Financial Times, “Nice Buildings, Shame About the Events” (Can hosting sporting events give a country good PR?)

– Boston Globe, “When hush, crowds descend” (Vienna’s Central Cemetery)

– Boston Globe, “History in the Tropics” (St Helena before the airport)

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