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Welcome to over 300 entries!  This page is to help you find your way via five pleasure paths.  Links in bold italics are to other posts on this site.  

1. Original fiction

You can read more about my novels and my short stories on the adjacent tabs.

2.  Writing tips

Do you want to improve your writing technique?  You can see tips about writing under Writing about Writing.  Examples include:

I set out tips about journalism here:

3. Existential and women

Reflections on happiness, the meaning of life, and women, e.g.:

4. Reviews

I was prompted to start writing reviews by so enjoying the awesome Anthony Trollope that I felt I had to share him.  I received a strong response, so thought I would try a few others.  You can see them all or sample the list below:

5.  The latest thing

If you’re a regular visit, you can browse my latest blogs in the column on the right (“LATEST POSTS”). Recent pieces include: Sex, alcohol, people: what makes you happy?; John Connolly’s Charlie Parker Novels: Read them; Trollope on the Sexes – and the “Railway Sandwich”; and Literature Festival at Sea: 10/10.  Look down the right hand column to see what’s new.

Top thriller writer John Connolly buying a copy of my Berlin thriller “Blood Summit


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