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Shakespeare & Company Vienna: how to read “Blood Summit” & Co


Shakespeare & Company Vienna is a brilliant English language bookshop in Vienna.  If you like reading books, you should support it.

A Vienna institution

Shakespeare & Company Vienna is a wonderful institution in a wonderful city.  Like many bookshops worldwide, it is threatened by online retailers.  The Coronavirus pandemic has make everything worse.  The bookstore was also located within a few metres of the 2 November 2020 terrorist attack, in the heart of the inner city.

Yet Shakespeare & Co keeps going, enriching the city and its people.  Indeed, they have been fantastically supportive of my own writing efforts, making my books available through their store and hosting readings.

Shakespeare & Company Vienna

One of my readings at Shakespeare & Company Vienna

Shakespeare & Company Vienna: my books

The first book Shakespeare & Co stocked for me was my Berlin thriller Blood Summit.

Blood Summit

So to get hold of a copy of Blood Summit, or my books Corona Crime or Seven Hotel Stories, stroll along to Shakespeare & Company at Sterngasse 2.   It’s a terrific bookshop and stocks many other books too in a kind of wonderland of shelves reaching from floor to ceiling.

Blood Summit

The shelves at Shakespeare & Company

So: next time you are in Vienna, take a stroll down the Sterngasse and get to know the proprietors.  Sheila and Guy are great company and true bibliophiles.  Buy a book, then pop around the corner to the Schwedenplatz and enjoy a great ice cream.

Or visit a nearby cafe, selected from my index of great Vienna cafes, and settle down to read awhile.  You deserve it.

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