A copy of Seven Hotel Stories

“Seven Hotel Stories” paperback now available – at last!


The paperback version of “Seven Hotel Stories” came out long after the e-book first appeared.  The e-book was originally shorter.

The paperback version of Seven Hotel Stories is now out.  It looks like this:


I’m pretty excited about this, so all shares, retweets etc welcome!

The text on the back reads:

“Funny, pacy and sexy” – Matthew Parris

You’ll never make a fuss at a hotel again.

Glamorous, petite Ms N is the world’s deadliest hotel manager.  Do you think “men will be men”?  Ms N and her ally, the beautiful but naive Tatiana, won’t tolerate misbehaviour.  Whether they use a giant cake, a posse of alligators, an enraged sushi chef, the Russian mafia or three metres of concrete, Ms N and Tatiana will always get their man.

‘Ms N is good at solving problems.  One day, I want to be like her’ – Tatiana

Where to get hold of “Seven Hotel Stories”

You can get hold of Seven Hotel Stories is at one of my readings, such as the one I am doing in Innsbruck on 18 October.  If you are in Vienna, you can pick one up at the excellent Shakespeare & Company at Sterngasse 2, which is getting a delivery at 1300 on 12 October (along with extra copies of my Berlin thriller Blood Summit).  Or, if for any reason these options doesn’t work for you, you can order as many copies as you like (excellent Christmas gifts – Ed) from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de and the like.  If you enjoy it, please write an Amazon review!

Seven Hotel Stories

The history of “Seven Hotel Stories”

Fans of “Seven Hotel Stories” will know that the stories have been appearing since “The Two Rooms” first came out as an e-book in 2013.  I had actually written “The Two Rooms earlier, as a birthday present for my partner, who is a Hotel General Manager.  I write one story each year for her birthday.  So it was a while before I had enough for a short book, entitled: “Hotel Stories: The Complete Collection”.  This was available only as an e-book.

Once once seven years had passed did I decide I had enough material for an actual paperback.  That became “Seven Hotel Stories”.  I continue to write a new “hotel story” every year, but it will be several years before I have enough for a second book – so long as I restrict myself to birthday gifts!

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