Robert Pimm videos

Robert Pimm YouTube videos

Robert Pimm Youtube videos are now concentrated on a dedicated site.  You can see them all at the link.

I recently set up a Robert Pimm Youtube channel with a selection of my videos. Do take a look!

They include:

2020: Robert Pimm reads the complete Hotel Story “The Two Rooms”.  This was the first ever “Hotel Story” and contains a devilish twist.

2020: Robert Pimm reads from Hotel Story “Gents”, set in Florida.  What can go wrong when a host of hotel managers gather near a crocodile-infested swamp?

2019: Robert Pimm talking about “Blood Summit” at the Reichstag in Berlin.  My most popular video, filmed at the Reichstag where my Berlin thriller “Blood Summit” is set.

Robert Pimm videos

2018: Robert Pimm reading from “Blood Summit” at Cafe Korb, Vienna.  This was my first ever reading from “Blood Summit”, coinciding with my birthday party.  A professionally produced video.

2019 “Was wäre wenn”: Robert Pimm talking about “Blood Summit” in German.  Wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen, hier klicken!

I’ve also added a “Worlds of Wonder” playlist, just for fun – 10- or 20-second videos of a beautiful or inspiring scene designed to lift the mood in a coronavirus lockdown.  Feedback welcome.

The YouTube channel remains somewhat experimental for now, but if it seems to generate interest, I shall expand it.

To find out more about the ocean of entertainment on this site, have a look at my five pleasure paths.


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