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I recently set up a Robert Pimm Youtube channel with a selection of my videos. Do take a look!

They include:

2020: Robert Pimm reads the complete Hotel Story “The Two Rooms”.

2020: Robert Pimm reads from Hotel Story “Gents”, set in Florida.

2019: Robert Pimm talking about “Blood Summit” at the Reichstag in Berlin.

2018: Robert Pimm reading from “Blood Summit” at Cafe Korb, Vienna.

2019 “Was wäre wenn”: Robert Pimm talking about “Blood Summit” in German.

I’ve also added a “Worlds of Wonder” playlist, just for fun – 10- or 20-second videos of a beautiful or inspiring scene designed to lift the mood in a coronavirus lockdown.  Feedback welcome.

The YouTube channel remains somewhat experimental for now, but if it seems to generate interest, I shall expand it.

To find out more about the ocean of entertainment on this site, have a look at my five pleasure paths.

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