Robert Pimm reads “Seven Hotel Stories” at Cafe Korb

Robert Pimm
Robert Pimm

I recently did a reading from my book Seven Hotel Stories at Cafe Korb in Vienna.

It was a wonderful evening. The hosts were the fine Vienna Storytelling Collective: you can read about the event at their Facebook site.  If you are interested in writing, reading, or listening to new talent and live in Vienna, I encourage you to join them.

I started off talking about this blog (NB for some reason the videos are previewed sideways before you click on them; but they appear the right way up when you click “play”).

[wpvideo mxtRCLBx ]

The free Hotel Story to which I refer in the video, “The Two Rooms”, is here (links in bold italics are to other posts on this blog).

Then I read from my “Hotel Story”, Gents.  

[wpvideo FcvK7aEf ]

All seven Hotel Stories star the world’s most brilliant hotel manager, Ms N (she is too modest to wish to be named here).  She has strict methods of dealing with badly-behaved hotel guests, and indeed colleagues.  The stories are narrated by Ms N’s beautiful, intelligent but naive colleague, Tatiana.

In Gents, sharp-elbowed, misogynistic alpha-male and visitor of dodgy nightclubs Mr Buddy Knox seeks to defeat Ms N in her bid to become manager of their hotel chain’s new Ultra-Platinum branded hotel in London.

This is a bad decision by Mr Buddy Knox.  To find out more, take a look at my post The Hotel Stories – 7 reasons you should read them; or pick up a copy of“Seven Hotel Stories” at Amazon.

Following the reading the well-known YA author Keith Gray interviewed me about writing, and some of the audience asked questions.  Someone asked about how to get in the habit of writing.  I said some people were target driven, as I was.  But I was generous to myself (“why beat yourself up?”) and tended to include in my measure of “writing” eg my blogs, my social media activity around writing (you can follow me on twitter and instagram) – or doing a reading.

[wpvideo OAe0CTlU ]

Someone said that this blog showed varying tastes, from 50 Shades of Grey and Lee Child to Trollope and Black Panther, Oscar Wilde, and of course PG Wodehouse, the subject of numerous posts.  I encouraged people to read 50 Shades if they wanted to know what a brilliant piece of commercial fiction looked like.

[wpvideo G2E02j5e ]

I also spoke about my attempts to blog regularly.  I am proud of having published a blog almost without fail every week for three years or more.  Indeed, I am today hoping to write two posts to schedule for the next two Saturdays as I am away at a writing course next week.  Do explore the hundreds of posts on this site and let me know what you think.

[wpvideo L1vden2r ]

I’m grateful to everyone who attended the reading and listened without heckling and asked a series of great questions.  Thanks also to Keith for doing the interview and to everyone else from the Vienna Storytelling Collective.  Their open mic nights are terrific.

P.S. If you would like to know more about my thoughts on writing, you might like to look at my posts:

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2 Responses

  1. Es war auch für mich ein sehr anregender Abend. Leider ist mein Englisch nicht so gut für eine Beteiligung an den Gesprächen nach der Lesung. Ich wollte Robert Pimm fragen, ob er die starlken weiblichen Figuren so beschreibt, weil er glaubt, hofft annimmt, dass wir frauen imstande sind die Welt zuverbessern, zum Unterschied von den Männern.

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