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How to design a book cover: my thriller Blood Summit crowd sourced


How to design a book cover.  When my designer sent me 5 options for my Berlin thriller “Blood Summit”, I asked my readers.  Results were clear.

When I started developing the cover for my hard-hitting Berlin thriller Blood Summit, with the outstanding designers at Creative Coversthey sent me loads of ideas.

I honestly couldn’t decide which was best.

The contenders

After some to and fro, we were left with five mock-ups.  To help me make up my mind, I invited readers of this blog – who include many of my most loyal readers – for their views.  Here are the five options that went into the final round:

1: How to design a cover: Blood Summit Option 1

2: How to design a book cover Blood Summit Option 2

3: How to design a book cover Blood Summit Option 3

4: How to design a book cover Blood Summit Option 4

5: How to design a book cover Blood Summit Option 5

Which would make you want to buy the book, or find out more?  I invited people either to leave a comment; to use the “contact me” panel; or, if they  had my e-mail already, to write to me direct.  I urged them to bear in mind that the chosen image would appear in tiny postage-stamp size on Amazon, so clarity at that scale was important.

I got a good range replies.  One design got by far the largest number of votes.  Was it because it was first in the list?  I’ll never know.  Option 1 became the cover of Blood Summit .

Next steps

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to design a book cover.  If you would like to have a look at my writing, my most recent books are: my blackly comic Seven Hotel Stories, Blood Summit and Corona Crime – a thriller for a world in the grip of coronavirus.

All the cover designs are by Creative Covers.

Seven Hotel Stories Blood Summit cover Corona Crime cover


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10 Responses

  1. I think the first one has most impact. I prefer the blood splash to the ooze on other versions, as it has more immediacy. The darker Reichstag image on options 4 and 5 will look indistinct on Amazon, I think. Good luck!

  2. I hadn’t seen Alison Somerset’s comment when I wrote mine. So that’s two out of two who like Option 1. Yes, I, too, liked the blood splash in the corner. Go for it1

  3. Bother! I was definitely going for option 2 or 5, i.e. without the blood, until I read those two. I suppose the reversing out of your name in option 1 does make it slightly more legible. However, given your well documented predilection for 007-style poses, is the idea of doing a Bond-effect bullet hole with the OO of Blood too obvious?

  4. Wenn es bei Amazon nur in Briefmarkengröße erscheint, bin ich für die Version 1, weil es ein sehr naturalistischer Blutfleck ist – die anderen wirken eher aus Plastik – und das darunter liegende Gebäude sieht dadurch noch bedrohter aus.

  5. Good afternoon. What about just a plain cover, no design, so less busy and just the words in the colour of blood?

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