Existential Questions – and Women. A collection of posts exploring both

Existential questions and women intersect consistently.  How to be happy?  How to work, or live better?  How do women think?  How do men think?  How can we learn about the sexes?  The posts on this blog are full of ideas.

I am, as those who know me will attest, no guru.  But people seem to find my thoughts on happiness, how live better and gender issues, interesting.  The following posts are in rough order of publication; the earliest two, on gender issues, were published in the Financial Times.

World wonders: Lesotho

Maintaining a sense of wonder is good for the spirit

Wastwater, the Lake District

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To finish off the page, here’s a picture of me at a happy moment.  The posts above help explain why…

Robert Pimm considers existential questions and women

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P.P.S. If you enjoy fresh, original writing, you can follow me on Facebook or join my mailing list – I’ll be delighted to give you a free “Hotel Story” to say thanks.  Check out the range of writing on this site via my five pleasure paths.


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