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Like Science Fiction? Try Biotime

What if a technological innovation came along so all-transforming that it reversed the advance of civilisation?

It has happened before.

In recent centuries we’ve got used to the idea that constant technical innovations – the steam engine, electricity, air travel, antibiotics, contraception, the Internet – mean that, to quote the song, “Things can only get better”.

Tell that to the collapsing dregs of the Roman Empire.  Or the Aztecs. (more…)


Klimt, Beethoven, The Grateful Dead and Bruce – how they fit together

I wrote a while ago about “7 ways to explain the meaning of life“.

I said that the meaning of life would emerge around 80% of the way through my novel Biotime; and that it involved “Come Celebrate with Us” and “The Kiss”.


Wiener Secession, 2015 – Photo: Robert Pimm

I recently visited Vienna and was delighted to find that the wonderful Secession building built in 1897 by Joseph Maria Olbrich had got a new basement (confession: it actually opened in 1986 when I was living in Vienna, but I never got around to visiting it).  Better still, that basement houses Gustav Klimt’s magnificent Beethoven frieze, (more…)

When waiting for a Red London bus is pure pleasure

I wrote last week how we all have a limited number of years, months, weeks and days to live.


My blog Read this now – before you waste more of your precious life pointed out that most of us feel short of time; and are not sure how to spend what time we have.

So what would happen in a world where some people were able to live for hundreds of years.  What leisure activities would they seek?  Read on:

Edited excerpt from “Biotime” Chapter 15

KY Sutanto had visited London many times. But this was his first venture to the district called “South of the River”. (more…)

Red London buses and the meaning of life

We all have a limited number of years, months, weeks and days to live.


So why should we spend that time waiting for a red London bus?

My recent blog Read this now – before you waste more of your precious life pointed out that most of us feel short of time; and are not sure how to spend what time we have.  I also noted that my novel Biotime (hit link to read) explored 5 ways wealth and creativity can’t mix.

The conclusions of Biotime are good news for poor people.

So where do London buses come in? (more…)

Read this now – before you waste more of your precious life

Have you ever wondered: “what shall I do today?”

Or even: “what shall I do now?”

It’s one of life’s great mysteries that:

– we all have a limited number of years, months, weeks and days to live;

– we all want to make the most of that time;

– many of us feel short of time to do the things we want;

– and yet… when we do have some free time, we’re not sure what to do with it.


It depends how you look at it.  Photo: Robert Pimm

Part of the problem is excess choice.  Twenty years ago, I had a job where I had to fly regularly between London and the Far East in business class.  I had an intensely busy job, and I used to relish the thought of a 15-hour flight with no disturbances and a host of pleasures on-tap.  But when I settled down into my comfy seat on the plane, I sometimes found myself overwhelmed by a kind of existential panic.  Should I (more…)

Biotime: that’s all, folks!

WELCOME to the on-line serialisation of my sci-fi novel Biotime.  If you’ve missed the rest, check out the story so far.

I’ve been serialising this story for several months now.  I’m grateful to everyone who has logged on regularly to read the weekly droplets.  I’m particularly grateful to those who have commented on how the novel might be improved.  I’m still 100% open to comments, so please let me know if you like or hate the book.  You can use the comment form at the foot of the page, or the “contact me” tab at the top.

Biotime Cover


I had been hoping to serialise as far as the introduction of the exceptionally wonderful Sandy Banks, but Sandy is obstinately refusing to appear in the novel and won’t make an entrance for a while yet.  So the pleasures of Sandy; the Black Hole; Little England Airways; Kim 17 and Cody 22; El Gordo and the case of The Man Without a Past; The Long-Dead Masters of the Disharmonic Wave; more inappropriate cocktails (following up on the Mai Lai), including the Vodkatyn; the cigarette health warning that reads IGNITE THIS (more…)

“To die will be an awfully big adventure”

I wrote recently about 5 ways my novel Biotime shows wealth and creativity can’t mix.

You’ve always suspected that might be true.  Biotime explains why it is.

I also blogged on 7 ways my sci-fi novel Biotime explains the meaning of life.  One way was by contrasting how you would behave if you suddenly found you had only six weeks left to live; with how you would behave if you learned that you could live forever.

In the first case, we’d all try to enjoy an intense six weeks.

Most recently, I wrote about how Biotime used Klimt and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which come together in the former’s magnificent Beethoven frieze, to show how people can find happiness.

So I was delighted to rediscover new material on this theme when I posted my latest droplet of Biotime, “I have to go to Samarkand“.  In that excerpt, the pale but extraordinarily interesting Martha O’Leary says: “I don’t care how many studies have shown Biotime doesn’t affect your intellect or emotions.  All the great artists have been One Lifers.  It’s like Peter Pan.  You can’t have real feelings if you live forever.(more…)

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