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Corona Crime cover
Corona Crime

CORONA CRIME Chapter 5: “The Pope was 124 when he died”

In Chapter 5 of “Corona Crime”, the ultimate post-coronavirus sci-fi thriller, we learn that the number of victims about to die at the Hughes Procreation Center in Santa Monica is ten thousand, two hundred and eighty-five. Last year I published the first few chapters of my new novel CORONA CRIME. They included Chapter 1 “Jake Moonrath sets off to re-possess a

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Lundy Island? Paradise on earth

Where is Lundy Island?  I call it “Lundy Island, Atlantic Ocean”.  After travelling across the globe, I always return there. This article first appeared in

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Berlin Wall Germany

Where was the Berlin Wall?

Where was the Berlin Wall?  In modern Berlin it’s hard to spot.  Yet exploring the Berlin Wall path can be evocative and fun. This piece

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