Corona Crime cover

A thriller for a world in the grip of Coronavirus: CORONA CRIME

Robert Pimm
Robert Pimm

On 15 October my new novel CORONA CRIME came out – a thriller for a world in the grip of Coronavirus. Find out more about this extraordinary book here.

Welcome to CORONA CRIME.

CORONA CRIME: the video

To mark the publication of CORONA CRIME on 15 October, I read the first two chapters on Facebook. You can listen to the results here. It lasts 28 minutes.

CORONA CRIME: the introduction

If you would like to read more about this thriller for a world in the grip of Coronavirus, including the full text of Chapters 1-4, you can find them right here (links in bold italics are to other posts on this site).

CORONA CRIME: the Amazon links

If you fancy looking at CORONA CRIME on Amazon, the links are here:

CORONA CRIME: the cover

Corona Crime cover

CORONA CRIME: should you read it?

If you enjoy gripping thrillers that make you think, CORONA CRIME may be the book for you. Other features include:

  • strong female lead characters;
  • some excellent black comedy;
  • plenty of action;
  • a love story;
  • a gripping plot that spans the globe, including California, New York City, London, Vienna, Tashkent, Warsaw, Samarkand, Hanoi, the Philippines and Bergen op Zoom;
  • a page-turner;
  • topicality: not for nothing do I call this “A thriller for a world in the grip of Coronavirus”;
  • commentary on today’s troublesome world and some of the things wrong with it;
  • novelty – it’s brand new.

If any of those sound appealing, take a look.

That’s it for this week! I hope you like the book. I put a lot of work into it.


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