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Friday 18 October: come to my live reading in Innsbruck!

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Hello to all you readers out there.

I shall be reading from my Berlin thriller Blood Summit at the Stadtbibliotek (city library) in Innsbruck at 1900 on 18 October.  Come along!

The reading has been organised by the English Reading Circle in Innsbruck at the magnificent Stadtbibliotek, whose rather good slogan is “Innsbruck’s biggest living room – a place for everyone”.  This seems a splendid description of a library.  You can read about the event at the site of the Stadtbibliotek.  I shall read from Blood Summit and will be happy to answer questions, as well as signing copies.

If you need inspiration, you should read my blog post Blood Summit: Reading Group Questions (links in bold italics are to other posts on this site).

All are welcome!  I hope to see you there for an evening of creativity, entertainment and, perhaps, a few laughs.

If you would like to know more about Blood Summit, see my blog Blood Summit: the US President in the killing chair.  If you wish to get hold of a copy before then, you can buy it at the brilliant English language bookshop Shakespeare & Company at Sterngasse 2 in central Vienna.  Curl up on the sofa, grab a cup of hot chocolate or something stronger, and prepare to enjoy a thriller it is genuinely hard to put down.

I shall also have with me in Innsbruck copies of my recently-produced paperback Seven Hotel Stories, in case anyone likes the look of it.  Happy to sign them too!

The cover of “Seven Hotel Stories”

If you would like to know a bit more about the Hotel Stories, see my post The Hotel Stories – 7 reasons you should read them.  If you would like to read a complete story as a sampler, click here.  Seven Hotel Stories is not yet available as a paperback at the time of writing.

Here is a video of a previous reading from Blood Summit, in Vienna:

A video of an earlier reading at Cafe Korb from “Blood Summit”, courtesy Sibylle Trost

Do sign up for the reading, or just come along.  I look forward to visiting Innsbruck, discovering the Stadbibliotek, and meeting members of the English Reading Circle there.

P.S. If you enjoy fresh, original writing, please follow me on Facebook.  Or you can join my mailing list – I’ll be delighted to give you a free “Hotel Story” to say thanks.  Check out the range of writing on this site via my 5 pleasure paths.


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