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New video! Bringing “Blood Summit” home to Berlin

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I recently visited Berlin to take another look at the city in which my thriller Blood Summit is set.

My goal was the Reichstag, where much of the novel takes place.  It is a sombre building with a tragic history of arson, destruction, occupation and dereliction.  In Blood Summit it takes more punishment.  Yet on a sunny day it can look quite innocuous:

The lawn in front of the Reichstag suggests accessibility and openness: features of the building which are problematic in “Blood Summit” 

I was delighted to meet film maker Sibylle Trost at the Reichstag (click on the link for her website, also available in German).  Sibylle, whose documentaries for German TV receive audiences of four million and who also works freelance for companies and others, is a fan of Blood Summit and generously made a top quality video of my first reading from the book, in Vienna in 2018 (links in bold italics are to other posts on this site).

Here is Sibylle’s video of me reading the book at the Reichstag.

A German-language video is at the end of this blog/Deutsche Video am Ende des Blogs

Sibylle and I are also exploring whether I might do a reading in Berlin next December or January to accompany a tour of the building – a thrilling concept.  Watch this space.

Sibylle Trost filming at the Reichstag

To get a feel for the weight and size of the Reichstag, it helps to come close.  The picture below shows one of the four towers, which feature in the novel.  Snipers posted on each, above titanic stone figures representing German workers, are powerless to halt the terrorist attack:

Sibylle and I discussed the novel, and how it related to the Reichstag, in the shade of the building:

We tried another take, close-up.  The Berlin Wall used to run within fifty metres of the Reichstag.

It was a pleasure to work with Sibylle and I recommend her services as film-maker, journalist and media adviser.  I learned a lot.

I also enjoyed myself immensely:

If you like the sound of Blood Summit but are not quite sure, you can read the opening chapters on this blog.

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P.P.S.  Wenn Sie mehr über “Blood Summit” auf Deutsch erfahren möchten, schauen Sie mal her:

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  1. Eva Marginter says:

    Gratuliere zu den Berlin-Verbindungen – dorthin gehört “Blood Summit” ganz besonders. Schade, dass ich nciht dabei sein kann.

    Liked by 1 person

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