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7 reasons to like the Strandbar Herrmann

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Strandbar Hermann is a Vienna institution – one of the best places in the city to enjoy a cold beer or two on a summer’s evening.

In the city, the heat is oppressive.  Yet the evening, in a deck chair under a beach umbrella, is cool.  The beer in my hand is icy.  All around me, hundreds of people are upending a beer or slurping a cocktail.  Open water glistens nearby.  What could be better than this?

The Strandbar Herrmann is a regular haunt of mine; is a unique spot in the centre of Vienna; and has charm.  So here is a review.

Strandbar Herrmann – the Urania is the domed building in the background

Seven great things about the Strandbar Herrmann:

(i) it is close to town.  Vienna has tons of outstanding beach bars next to the Danube, many of which I recommend, but which are a train- or bike-ride out of town.  Herrmann is on the Danube Canal, which loops round from the river towards the city.  You can walk there from the town centre in 15-25 minutes;

(ii) it’s big and bustling.  OK, so I love the Kleines Cafe (click to see all my Vienna cafe reviews – links in bold italics are to other posts on this site).  But when you’re having a cooling drink out of doors, a hum of contented conversation has much to recommend it.  I love Munich’s beer gardens – and the rather awesome Augustiner Bräu in Salzburg – for the same reason;

(iii) the beer is ice-cold.  To non beer-drinkers, this may sound a small issue – isn’t all beer cold?  But scientific studies have shown that when the weather is hot, an ice-cold beer is approximately three thousand, two hundred and eighty-nine times better than a beer which is merely cool, or was put in the fridge only twelve minutes ago*;

(iv) the service is quick.  Except at peak times, you can get served almost instantly at the bars or food-counters (there is no table service).  This avoids frustrating German restaurant or Vienna cafe waiter-interaction situations;

(v) Herrmann’s is right on the water – refreshing to look at, and cooling;

(vi) the setting is magnificent – from where you sit, you can admire the Urania educational institute as the sun sets behind it.  You can also see  a modern insurance building whose facade is decorated with a light-show – not to everyone’s taste, but may improve after a beer or two;

(vii) even on your 93rd visit to a beach bar in a city centre, it still feels pleasing to sit in a deck-chair with sand between your toes.

In summary:

For: see (i) – (vii) cult, cool, place to enjoy a delicious beer outdoors in the heart of Vienna.  I’ll be back.

Against: only open from April to October (obviously) – so get a move on if you want to visit.  Not conspicuously cheap – at the time of writing, a beer is around €4.20.   Although the bottled Stiegl (from Salzburg) is excellent, I hanker after a really good beer-garden-style draught beer – but perhaps that is unfair as this is not really a beer garden.

P.S. If you want to see more Vienna cafe reviews, see my Great Vienna cafes page.

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* I am speaking here of course of continental-type beers such as the rather good Stiegl served at the Herrmann Strandbar.  For British beers served in British pubs, different rules apply and cellar-cool is the perfect temperature.

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