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Two-and-a-half literary quotes

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At my reading this week from my Berlin thriller Blood Summit, someone asked when I found time to write.

I wrote a blog on “Where I write” recently.

A blog on finding time to write is a fine idea – I have added it to my list.

Because, it’s a bummer.  Finding time to write is hard: lots of other things I dearly want to do, dear friends, dear family, dear visitors, and a job which I dearly want to do brilliantly.

Sometimes things don’t work out.

Writing at the Wolfgangsee in Austria

Like, this week, I have been away from home all day Friday and Saturday and a bit busy and haven’t got around to writing my planned blog.

Quite separately, another writing thing went wrong.  I haven’t found time to put out any of my stock of literary quotes, some gathered years ago, as tweets at @robertpimm (if you are on twitter, feel free to follow me there).

So I turned two uncompleted ideas into a solution.  Why not publish some literary quotes as a blog?  Here are three.

Actually, one of them is not a literary quote at all.  See if you can guess which one.  I have separated out the quotes and the sources.  No prizes for matching them; but comments welcome!

Here we go:

3 quotations

  1. I’m Trudi and I’m irresponsible
  2. His little huddled form was the only thing I could see for miles of darkness that was so packed and concentrated with eager desire to be good.  I thought, ‘What a strange thing is man… like in the Bible it says, Who knoweth the spirit of man that looketh upward?  This poor kid ten years younger than I am is making me look like a fool forgetting all the ideals and joys I knew before, in my recent years of drinking and disappointment, what does he care if he hasn’t got any money: he doesn’t need any money, all he needs is his rucksack and a good pair of shoes and off he goes and enjoys the privileges of a millionaire in surroundings like this.  And what gouty millionaire could get up this rock anyhow?  It took us all day to climb.’  And I promised myself that I would begin a new life.  ‘All over the West, and the mountains in the East, and the desert, I’ll tramp with a rucksack and make it the pure way.’
  3. His brow was sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought and his air that of a man who, if he had said ‘Hallo, girls’, would have said it like someone in a Russian drama announcing that Grandpapa had hanged himself in the barn.


  1. P G Wodehouse, The Mating Season
  2. Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums
  3. T-shirt worn by cafe owner in Naxos, Greece

Clue: Jack Kerouac was an inspiration for my US road trip, described in my blog The Americans.

Go on.  Try and match ’em up.

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