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A new blog every week? Views welcome

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It has been a good run.

Since 12 August 2017 I have written a blog every week, usually published on a Saturday afternoon, in addition to writing my new novel and one or two other writing projects such as the Hotel Stories.

Thanks to all my readers for clicking on, and sometimes the links in the blogs.  It makes me happy when you do so.

And should I update my author pic from the 1981 black and white version?

It is not always easy to produce a blog every week.  Today, for example, I have written my novel for a couple of hours, have 30 minutes to write my blog, then am going out for a walk and to watch the England-Sweden game.

Usually my blogs take 2-3 hours to write – time when I could be writing that novel!

So I have a couple of questions for you.  You do not have to answer all or indeed any of them, but feedback would be welcome.  You can find a “comments” form at the bottom of this page.  Or you can write to me privately using the “Contact me” tab at the top of the page.


(i) does the regularity of my blogs, ie one a week on a Saturday afternoon, make any difference to you, as readers?  Or would it be just as good if they appeared randomly or occasionally?

(ii) are there subjects which appeal to you particularly?  For example, would you like more or less book or movie reviews, more or less on feminism and women’s issues, more or less about my novels and short stories, or more or less something else, such as my long-term project “The Americans” (again, see tab at top of page)?

(iii) how useful are links to other blogs?  For example, how many of you have read last week’s rather fine blog about George Mikes making fun of the English?

(iv) do you have any other comments about the blog?  For example, is the navigation clear?  Is anything confusing or misleading?  All thoughts welcome.

Thank you in advance!

Robert Pimm

P.S. If you enjoy fresh, original writing, you can friend me on Facebook or sign up for e-mail updates (top right – see the “click here” blue button).  Check out the range of writing on this site via the sitemap and guide.  Or try my books Blood Summit or Seven Hotel Stories.




  1. jonyrussell says:

    Good questions all Leigh – and ones that I have also been asking myself. I’m in favour of regularity myself; every Saturday, or every other Saturday, suits my way of reading. I love the diversity of your blogs so have no preference whether it’s football, film, books, travel or anything else – it’s your ‘take’ on the subject that makes it interesting. I understand that you want to mention your other writing but, to be honest, most of your regular readers are more than aware of your literary output and, like me, are waiting for the Amazon version of Biotime. Links to other blogs are, I suspect, problematic because most people prefer to remain in their comfort zone. It’s hard enough to get readers to leave Facebook and cope with the new layout/navigation of your own blog; asking them to do so again by going to a stranger’s page is, in my limited experience, not simple. JR

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  2. Corinna says:

    OK I’m going to disagree – I think random blog posts would be even better, to keep us on our toes, and you could use the extra time for more novels (we’re waiting!)

    And I read and enjoyed the post about George Mikes 🙂

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  3. GozdeEren says:

    I love your book reviews especially when they are related to feminism ! Your journalism pieces and everyday stuff like “how to be happy” are also a delight !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Paul Hodson says:

    No preferences for timing or subjects, Leigh, though it might be interesting (and provoke replies) to have three or four in a row on one subject. The George Mikes was very good.


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