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2017: 10 best blogs

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I have chosen my favourite ten posts, out of the 47 I published in 2017.  Which is your favourite?  Let me know.  And feel free to re-post this on Facebook or to “like” it – if you do.

A novelty this year was my Picture Quiz – not including this picture from Cuba. Spot the Che Guevara tattoo

It wasn’t easy choosing a shortlist.  I’ve left out many favourites, including my account of how, aged 8, I used to electrocute myself regularly with my girlfriend Barbara in Wonder Woman and Wartime Moral Confusion; or my recent review of The Last Jedi 3/10: the galaxy’s most shagged-out designers?

So here’s my top 10, in chronological order:

  1.  19 January: The Simpsons – existential, circular fantasy 9/10.  One of my most-clicked blogs.  Would we want to live in a world where no-one grows old, where “everything fits together and no-one gets hurt”?
  2. 21 February: Nine questions about the Alan Clark Diaries: 0/10? Or 10/10?  My attempt to make sense of the life of the creepy but charismatic (sound familiar?) politician Alan Clark, who observed amongst other things: “Obituary pages nearly always cause satisfaction – if not Schadenfreude.”
  3. 20 March: Definitive: Chuck Berry’s 7 greatest tracks (with clips).  My tribute to the Shakespeare of Rock’n’Roll, inspired by others’ inadequate lists.  What is No.1?  Take a look.
  4. 31 March: Vienna Cafe Reviews.  The launch of my cafe review page – the most popular of 2017.  See why at the link.
  5. 17 June: Happiness and small victories.  A rather personal blog about things that make me happy.  Features air-punching and bicycles.
  6. 8 July: How to read P G Wodehouse: a practical guide.  The beginning of my “slow burn infatuation” with this terrific comic writer.
  7. 2 September: Central European melancholy 10/10.  Why melancholy matters; and why we should celebrate the fact that we are alive, knowing we and our loved ones will inevitably die.
  8. 28 October: The Americans.  The colourful prologue to the story of my 1979 solo hitch-hiking trip around 27 US states in seven weeks.
  9. 4 November: A new Hotel Story: The Three Heads.  “The Three Heads” takes my total of short “Hotel Stories” to seven.  I’m proud of them.  They’re available on Amazon (“Hotel Stories: The Complete Collection“) or you can read excerpts on this blog.
  10. 2 December: “Blood Summit” now available!  Read Chapter 3.  The biggest writing news of the year for me: publication of my Berlin thriller “Blood Summit”.  And a plea for help with publicising the book – all assistance gratefully received.


I would be delighted to know which of my blogs this year you liked best.  Nominations not on the list are welcome.

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  1. saideepti999 says:

    Dude…… You caught my mind in the first lines….so damn good 😱❤❤

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