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Blood Summit: the cover. Views sought

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I am working with the outstanding designers at Creative Covers on images for my new novel Blood Summit.

They have sent across a few mock-ups.  I’d be interested in feedback.

Contenders are:

Option 1: 

Option 2: 

Option 3: 

Option 4: 

Option 5: 

Which would make you want to buy the book, or find out more?

You can either leave a comment; use the “contact me” panel; or, if you have my e-mail already, write to me direct.  NB bear in mind that the chosen image will appear in tiny postage-stamp size on Amazon, so clarity at that scale is important.




  1. Alison Somerset says:

    I think the first one has most impact. I prefer the blood splash to the ooze on other versions, as it has more immediacy. The darker Reichstag image on options 4 and 5 will look indistinct on Amazon, I think. Good luck!


  2. It has to be Option 1.


  3. I hadn’t seen Alison Somerset’s comment when I wrote mine. So that’s two out of two who like Option 1. Yes, I, too, liked the blood splash in the corner. Go for it1


  4. jonyrussell says:

    Bother! I was definitely going for option 2 or 5, i.e. without the blood, until I read those two. I suppose the reversing out of your name in option 1 does make it slightly more legible. However, given your well documented predilection for 007-style poses, is the idea of doing a Bond-effect bullet hole with the OO of Blood too obvious?


  5. eva Marinter says:

    Wenn es bei Amazon nur in Briefmarkengröße erscheint, bin ich für die Version 1, weil es ein sehr naturalistischer Blutfleck ist – die anderen wirken eher aus Plastik – und das darunter liegende Gebäude sieht dadurch noch bedrohter aus.


  6. Julie Anne Zellinger says:

    Good afternoon. What about just a plain cover, no design, so less busy and just the words in the colour of blood?

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