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Tatiana speaks: how to enjoy the Hotel Stories

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I recently asked Tatiana, narrator of the Hotel Stories, how she would describe them.  She answered as follows:

‘If I am honest, I am astonished that so many readers are interested in reading about Ms N, my small but perfectly formed boss, who is a normal female hotel manager like any other.  She herself asked me to point out that the publicity describing her as “occasionally homicidal” is libellous and that that she would never seek to harm any guest or colleague, or encourage anyone else to harm him, no matter what bad things he might be doing.

It is not her fault if these people sometimes suffer tragic accidents, such as Mr Buddy Rich in Gents in the Florida Everglades, or Mr Matt Miller in The Swedish Woman in a pool of blood in the lift.  With hindsight, Francois, the too-macho diving instructor in the soon-to-be-published Seven Ukrainian Girls should never have asked to be smeared with lubricant before he put on his diving outfit.  And at the time her boss suffered an unfortunate surfing accident in Hawaii in the not-yet-published Total Control, Ms N was in a double-landlocked country far away and thus cannot be held responsible.

I hope that is clear.

I also am noticing that some people are buying individual Hotel Stories separately!

I am sorry to say that this is not logical, or appropriate.

This is because if you are buying even two Hotel Stories, the cheapest and best way and if you are asking me most sensible way all round is to buy Seven Hotel Stories: The Complete Collection.  In this book you can read seven Hotel Stories.  I guarantee this is best value and also a wonderful book.  You can buy it on and

So: check out the Complete Collection.  Like I was saying: seven whole stories.  By the way, I am in all of them; and so is the remarkable Ms N.

Thank you for listening.’


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