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Don’t buy the “Hotel Stories”!

I won’t often tell you not to buy my famous Hotel Stories.  They’re brilliant, and can improve your life in at least five different ways.


Usually, I tell people Hotel Stories: The Complete Collection is outstanding value and contains all five stories for the price of just two.

But something exciting and new is happening.  A sixth Hotel Story, The Swedish Woman, is on the way in the next couple of weeks.

The new story features a new departure.

Not only is a murder committed in a hotel in which Ms N, the world’s most brilliant, unpredictable and occasionally homicidal hotel manager and her beautiful but naive ally, Tatiana, are working.

This time, Ms N herself must solve the crime – before the country’s untainted-by-corruption-of-any-kind Minister of Justice, who happens to be one of the suspects, can solve it in his own unique way.

I guarantee some surprises – including the role of the mysterious and eponymous Swedish Woman herself.  Early readers have also told me they think this is the funniest Hotel Story of them all.

So why shouldn’t you buy The Hotel Stories now?  The reason is that as soon as I publish The Swedish Woman (I’m just waiting for the cover), I shall also include the new story in Hotel Stories: The Complete Collection.  The price of the compendium – which will then include six stories – will remain unchanged, at least for the time being (“six stories for the price of two”).  So if you haven’t yet bought The Complete Collection, just wait a week or two.  Then buy it.

Want to know when it happens?  Just follow this blog (click on the blue button top right). You’ll get an e-mail each time I publish a new blog.

Coming soon: The Swedish Woman.  You read it here first.


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