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Valley of the Rogue – coming soon

In 1979 I hitch-hiked for seven weeks around the United States.  It was, with hindsight, a wild ride.  Indeed, so far as I can see (but tell me if I’m wrong), hitch-hiking has since faded into history across much of the world, whittled away by rising living standards, cheap alternatives, and the proliferation of freeways with junctions where hitchhikers are not allowed to stand.


“Valley of the Rogue” is a self-contained account of what happened on 0ne night, 27-28 July 1979.  I’ll be publishing it on-line on this blog at 18.08 Vienna time on 14 September.  If others tell me they enjoy it, I’ll be delighted to publish a few more excerpts.

Version 2

Ginny and Tanya, with whose family (including Karen and Billy) I hitched north through Big Sur earlier in July 1979 – if you’re reading this, do get in touch

P.S. if you like this piece check out other writing on this site, starting with the sitemap and guide. Try a taste of my “wonderful, feminist and dark” Hotel Stories.  Or simply get in touch and tell me; I’d love to hear from you.


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