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How to write: Orhan Pamuk

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I had the good fortune recently to attend two events at which the famous Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk was present.


Orhan Pamuk with British film director Grant Gee (Photo: Robert Pimm)

The first was a dialogue between Orhan Pamuk and the British film director Grant Gee, whose intriguing film Innocence of Memories explores Pamuk’s book, and museum project, The Museum of Innocence.  

The second was an event to mark the closing of the rather terrific !f Istanbul Film Festival.

What struck me about Orhan Pamuk was how 100% committed he was to the moment.  Talking to Grant Gee with an audience of several hundred people in an Istanbul cinema he was charismatic and lively for sixty minutes.  A day later, in the unpromising setting of a gathering of people in near darkness and loud music, he engaged constantly, talking about projects and ideas.

All this struck me as a masterclass in hard work and focus.  Even if you are a Nobel laureate in literature and have sold 13 million books, you still cannot take anything for granted.

If, by contrast, you are an unpublished wannabee author, you should wonder; and learn.

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P.P.S I was delighted to find that Grant Gee, like me, studied geography at university.  How the British education system connects to the world of work is a mystery; but connect it does.


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