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Biotime: that’s all, folks!

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WELCOME to the on-line serialisation of my sci-fi novel Biotime.  If you’ve missed the rest, check out the story so far.

I’ve been serialising this story for several months now.  I’m grateful to everyone who has logged on regularly to read the weekly droplets.  I’m particularly grateful to those who have commented on how the novel might be improved.  I’m still 100% open to comments, so please let me know if you like or hate the book.  You can use the comment form at the foot of the page, or the “contact me” tab at the top.

Biotime Cover


I had been hoping to serialise as far as the introduction of the exceptionally wonderful Sandy Banks, but Sandy is obstinately refusing to appear in the novel and won’t make an entrance for a while yet.  So the pleasures of Sandy; the Black Hole; Little England Airways; Kim 17 and Cody 22; El Gordo and the case of The Man Without a Past; The Long-Dead Masters of the Disharmonic Wave; more inappropriate cocktails (following up on the Mai Lai), including the Vodkatyn; the cigarette health warning that reads IGNITE THIS END; why London Transport is the ultimate trip for Biotime-rich individuals; the European Company Police, why they always move in groups of ten or more, and their starring role in the Salami Tactics holo game; what happened to London’s royal parks after they were sold for development; what Achilles and the Grateful Dead have in common; which swan-themed London restaurant serves Cygnet Rings; why the Bank of England has a big hole in it; the most compelling example of German trade union power; and many other exciting developments, including Biotime’s dramatic denouement, will have to wait.

There’s also the fact that a brilliant and talented publisher has come up with the idea of publishing the book, but wants to talk about some changes…

So thank you all again for reading.  If anyone would really, really like me to continue serialising the book let me know and I might resume later – or even consider sending you a full copy of the entire book.

But for now, that’s all folks.  Thanks for enjoying Biotime with me.

Do watch this space for other wonderful new writing and ideas; follow this blog via e-mail (click on “follow” top right), and follow @RobertPimm on Twitter for all the creativity I can muster.

Finally, as always, if you’d like to read some complete fiction by me, see what you think of my “wonderful, feminist and dark” Hotel Stories.  They’re pretty funny, too.


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