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Biotime: 7 juicy quotes

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I’ve so far published thirty one droplets of my dystopic sci-fi novel Biotime.  Thousands of readers love it!  You can read it here.

Here by way of a teaser are seven more juicy Biotime quotes.  If you want earlier quotations, google “juicy Biotime” and you’ll find ’em.  Have fun.

Biotime Cover

7 Juicy Quotes from Biotime Chapter Headings

Chapter 9

Harlem’s cocktail of indolence and frenzy owes much to the presence of the Central Authority Buildings. Several factors led the Authority to locate here its first foray into large-scale Biotime manufacture. Most important were the low Absolute Wealth Levels, immortalised in the famous Harlem refrain, “What we got? We got fuck AWL”.

Kool’s New York – Zenon Kool, Schlaraffenland Press (out of print)

Chapter 10

Build Your Future on a Rock Biotime Futures PortfolioTM(1)

(1) Warning: Biotime prices can go down as well as up

Rock Savings Corporation: advertising brochure

Chapter 11

Once something exists, it will be used.

Biotime Legalisation Campaign T-shirt (National Museum of American History)

Chapter 12

The idea of an exciting future is all very well, but some of us have enough trouble dealing with the present. In fact, to me, the idea of postponing the future often seems attractive.

President George 424 Campaign Leaflet

Chapter 13

It’s good to be cautious about the future. But when people start trying to postpone it, it’s time to start worrying.

One Lifer Hope Deadman

Chapter 14

It was clear that the best way to prevent exploitation of donors would be to ensure they received the highest possible price for the Biotime they contributed.

A Brief History of Biotime (Various authors, out of print)

Chapter 15

‘My opponent says the Central Authority has too much power, and that this is somehow bad for the United States. I say to her: if you want to know why we should thank God for everything the Central Authority has done, go take a look at Europe. If you dare.’

President George

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