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Biotime: latest news & 2 more juicy quotes

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Millions of readers and tens of millions of writers wonder constantly: what’s it like publishing a novel on-line?  Does anyone read it?  And are free novels on-line worth reading anyhow?

I’ve started answering those questions with my novel  Biotime.

Mortality and immortality are central themes of Biotime.  Photo: Robert Pimm


Part of the answer is that, like everything else creative, publishing a novel on-line takes patience and tenacity.  Since I began this exercise in early December I have rarely had thousands of readers flocking to the site – unlike when I previewed another novel of mine with “sex” in the title, and found lots of people instantly wanted to know about it.

On the other hand plenty of readers from all around the world have been reading the posts, and an encouraging number of complete strangers have been posting “likes”.

I’ve even had an uptick in the number of people buying my famous Hotel Stories on Amazon.

So far, then, I am persuaded that this is all worthwhile; and that I am building up knowledge about Biotime; a loyal fan-base; and an unstoppable momentum of mass public fascination with the fiction of Robert Pimm.

Result: as and when I publish a full novel – probably Biotime – people can buy on-line, I shall instantly become a best-selling author and Ridley Scott will be phoning me to buy the film rights (Ridley – they’re still available.  I sold an option on Sex and the Summit a couple of years ago but they’re now available again too if you want to do a two-film deal.)

Second question: are free on-line novels worth reading?

Answer: check this out.

For now, I shall continue to publish regular droplets of Biotime – I hope you will continue to enjoy them.  I shall, however, be taking a break for the next couple of weeks because I’m off on holiday.  Normal service will be resumed after 12 January.

Meanwhile, for an extra bit of entertainment value, here are two more juicy quotations from the chapter headings in Biotime;


Chapter 9

Harlem’s cocktail of indolence and frenzy owes much to the presence of the Central Authority Buildings. Several factors led the Authority to locate here its first foray into large-scale Biotime manufacture. Most important were the low Absolute Wealth Levels, immortalised in the famous Harlem refrain, “What we got? We got fuck AWL”.

Kool’s New York – Zenon Kool, Schlaraffenland Press (out of print)

Chapter 10

Build Your Future on a Rock Biotime Futures PortfolioTM(1)

(1) Warning: Biotime prices can go down as well as up

Rock Savings Corporation: advertising brochure


If you want to hear more about Biotime, follow this blog by e-mail (top right, “click here”).  You can also  follow me on Twitter (see left hand side of this page).  It’ll be a fun ride.

NB I owe the title of this blog to some good advice from the Moz Blog.  Check it out.

And if you’d like to read some complete fiction by me, see what you think of my “wonderful, feminist and dark” Hotel Stories.

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