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Biotime. Excerpt 1. The future, today

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This is it.

The first excerpt from my novel Biotime.

I’ve got to be honest.  I’m a bit nervous about putting Biotime on-line.  What if no-one notices?  What about discoverability?

But I’m optimistic.  Biotime is a fantastic, funny and thought-provoking work of art which millions of people will love reading.

I plan to publish Biotime in small droplets, fairly often.  All feedback welcome: on content, frequency, style or anything else.  I’d love to hear from you.

Here goes.



A novel 


“Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.”

Steve Jobs – Former CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios



Chapter 1


Why swap wives when you can swap lives?

Sunday Times, 7 July 2031


Of course it had to be Adam who accompanied the courier bringing Lumusi Jones the letter. As a younger man, Adam Boateng had looked dashing in his police uniform. He had history with Lumusi. Even now the uniform had filled out, he still possessed a certain roguish charm.

Ghanaian market 3, Nov 04

Ghanaian market – Photo SDT

Lumusi had taken the cream-coloured envelope in her slender fingers and pressed her thumb to the glass to acknowledge receipt. Then she had closed the door, slumped at the table in her tiny kitchen, and burst into tears.

Now the letter was crumpled and stained. Lumusi picked it up and fortified herself with a sip of instant coffee while the print swam into focus. Her eyes ached from the long night.

Life was too precious, now, to waste on sleeping.

Dear Ms Jones, the letter opened. Happy Birthday! On behalf of Doktor Faustus Life Insurance Luxembourg (DFLI) I am pleased to inform you that your seven-year Termination Contract is due for redemption. Please attend the Central Contribution Centre, Castle Road, Accra, by 2000 hours today. Thank you for your co-operation.

That was all. There was no mention of what would happen if Lumusi did not go to Castle Road. But everyone knew DFLI allowed a twelve-hour grace period before enforcing the contract.

Not a second more.

The kitchen was silent. In the distance, a cock crowed. A hot square of sunlight framed by the window crept across the tiled floor. Lumusi looked at the clock on the kitchen stove, next to the cross her aunt had insisted she put up. In ten minutes they would come for her.

[Excerpt ends][Next excerpt]

I hope you’ve enjoyed this excerpt from my novel “Biotime”.   If you’d like to read the entire thing (well, quite a bit of it) click here.  

If you’re interested in hearing about other interesting quality writing, follow this blog by e-mail (top right, “click here”); or follow me on Twitter @RobertPimm (left hand side).  I can promise you a fun ride.


  1. nickkaufmann says:

    Hi Robert

    Trumpet voluntary (?)… Here it is. So is 300 words enough for these tasters? Definitely left me wanting more but a lot more…



  2. Jony says:

    I agree. Reading these carefully crafted 300 words took me exactly one and a half bites of my piece of toast. I was good but definitely not enough to be satisfying. In the words of a famous hungry orphan, ‘Please sir, can I have some more?’


  3. robertpimm says:

    More is on its way! I’ll up the dosage to 500 words and see how it goes.


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