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Biotime: 5 juicy quotations

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My new novel, Biotimeis coming. It’s like 1984 with jokes.

Imagine a world where you can transfer life from one human being to another for cash.

Biotime is a life-exchange fluid of which one gram equals one year.  The rich can buy life expectancy from the poor and live for ever.  But, Biotime is so valuable – $3 million dollars a gram when the main story opens – that no-one need ever be poor again.  If you’re short of money, sell some life expectancy. What could go wrong?


Biotime has created horrific new crimes and warped societies – some more than others.

Scan 29_2

Morro Bay, California, features in Biotime – Photo Robert Pimm

As part of creating the world of Biotime I start each chapter with a quotation. Many quote One Lifers – people who refuse to consume Biotime, believing this makes them more creative than Biotime users (who they call “sleepers”). One Lifers change their names to reflect their beliefs.

But the first quote in the book is by a real person.  It’s Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios.  He said:

1. “Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.”

Do you want to live forever?  Think carefully about your answer.  And remember Tithonus.

Here are four other quotations from the chapter headings in Biotime:

2.  “Why swap wives when you can swap lives?” – Sunday Times, 7 July 2031

3.  “For most people, the word “progress” implies forward motion. But “progress” doesn’t always take you forwards.”  One Lifer Hope Deadman

4.  “Chimaeric Brain Mouse Speaks Out: ‘I WANT MY BABIES TO BE HUMAN BEINGS!'”  Schlaraffenland Chronicle

5.  “EXTREME SUFFERING JUSTIFIES EXTREME MEASURES” – One Life Army atrocity verification code

Over the coming weeks I shall publish more tasters from Biotime.  If you’re interested in hearing more, follow this blog by e-mail (Home Page, top right, “click here”); or follow me on Twitter @RobertPimm (Home Page, left hand side).  It’ll be a fun ride.

NB I owe the title of this blog to some good advice from the Moz Blog.  Check it out.

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