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Biotime, my new novel: yes please!

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‘I told my gal the future looked a scary place to be.

She said

Don’t worry Dad, it’s cancelled.

I saw it on TV.’

When someone transforms the 10,290 residents of the Hughes Procreation Center in Santa Monica into what journalists describe as a gigantic dried-up clam and tomato dip spiced with Tabasco, the media at once blame the One Life Army, a terrorist organisation opposed to the use of Biotime.  But enforcement agent Jake Moonrath is sure that he has witnessed a Biotime crime.

Biotime Cover

In a world where terrorism is privatised and tightly regulated, Jake believes Hughes is linked to volatility in the price of Biotime, a life-exchange fluid of which one gram equals one year and whose value now forms the backbone of the US financial system.  Whoever has destroyed Hughes has also murdered every one of Jake’s Biotime enforcement colleagues in the Home Security Bureau of the Central Authority of the United States.  Only Jake has escaped – and now they’re coming for him.

To survive, Jake must unravel a plot which takes in Santa Monica, Harlem, Uzbekistan, Laos, London, Warsaw, Pandang and, finally, Vienna.  He must learn how mortality affects creativity; how love is linked to lifespan; and how life insurance can make dying for a cause more worthwhile.

Epic in scale, Biotime begins in Ghana and New York sometime this century and climaxes in a future society where today’s obsessions with materialism and longevity have reached a logical, disturbing conclusion.  If you want a better planet but don’t know the recipe, you will want to read Biotime.  You’ll never feel the same about cosmetic surgery – or clam and tomato dip – again.

I am now beginning to publish excerpts from Biotime on this blog, including a “story so far” for infrequent readers, bringing together all the excerpts.  To find out more, follow this blog by e-mail (Home Page, top right, “click here”); or follow me on Twitter @RobertPimm (Home Page, left hand side).  I can promise you a fun ride.

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