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Seven Hotel Stories: 19 Reviews

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Seven Hotel Stories is available on Amazon – as a paperback or an e-book.  All the stories are set in luxury five-star hotels and star the world’s most brilliant, unpredictable and occasionally homicidal hotel manager, Ms N; and Tatiana, her beautiful but naive accomplice.

Rather than have me tell you about them, let’s see what reads have said about the Hotel Stories:

  • “You’ll never make a fuss at a hotel again”
  • “Tatiana is Watson to Ms N’s Sherlock Holmes”
  • “These stories are a delight.  Robert Pimm understands the female experience of keeping life on track whilst needing the keep the illusion of male superiority intact.  But his heroine can be ruthless, too.”
  • “Beautifully written and compulsively addictive.”
  • “A slick read, lots going on here, finely paced and loved the subtle unsheathing of a hidden cutting edge in 5-star hotel-keeping.”

  • “A cross between The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Fawlty Towers”
  • “Delightful, dark, twisted, ingenious humour”
  • “This is strong stuff. When the beam of Tatiana’s torch swings round in stifling darkness to reveal handcuffs and workmen’s tools,we know it’s time to right some truly awful wrongs”

  • “Would love to know more about the list of extras ordered by the Swiss gay couple, but I guess this establishment is just too discreet for that”
  • “Wickedly funny but twisted dark Roald Dahl-esque tale. A growing sense of foreboding climaxes in a satisfying if cruelly just resolution”
  • “A thoroughly enjoyable collection of tales.”
  • “After reading this collection I will always think twice when entering a hotel lobby.”
  • “The distortions of understanding caused by Engineering Manager Susan’s obscure accent had me chuckling on the tube”
  • “Anyone can commit a murder. But only Ms N can use a mobile phone wielded by a total stranger as a weapon”
  • “The undertones of feminism and the surprising dénouement left me with a gleeful sense of satisfaction”
  • “Surely [Tatiana’s] phrase: One day, I would like to be like her will surely enter the English lexicon. I’m guessing most readers will want to be like Ms N, too”
  • [Pimm is] “a wicked and subtle observer of the foibles of the wealthy, the self-important, and the arrogant who inhabit the world of five-star hotels”
  • “Witty, entertaining, with a ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ twist to them, only better.  Highly recommend this.”
  • “Charming, fun and fast-paced, Seven Hotel Stories brings Pimm’s wit and vigour to that most difficult of literary forms, the short story.” – Matthew Parris.

Sound good?  Hotel Stories: Seven Hotel Stories is available on and other reputable Amazon outlets now – or at Shakespeare & Co in Vienna.  Two more individual stories, Seven Ukrainian Girls (“Hotel Stories” No.8) and Total Control (“Hotel Stories” No.9) are also available on Amazon.

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