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More brilliant writing news

Good news: I’m planning lots of writing and new material for this site over the next few months.

I recently published my fourth “Hotel Story”, Britches, featuring a Scot in a kilt; a hotel owner who bullies and abuses his staff; and a link between the two which leads to an immensely satisfying resolution.  Check it out for free.


I’m working hard on my new novel, Istanbul Rising.  15,000 words down.  I’ve begun to link the powerful, myth-flavoured opening set at the time of the Conquest of Istanbul in 1453 with a modern-day through John Savage, an ex-SIS (MI6) officer who was traumatised by a horrific sting operation in Moscow ten years ago.  Now he’s back at work in Istanbul and in love with a glamorous Turkish archaeologist. For a refreshing new take on how the extraordinary Fatih Sultan Mehmet really conquered Istanbul and why that matters for the future of this fabulous city in the modern age, watch out for Istanbul Rising.

And I’m starting a new project: to publish on this site and on Amazon my first novel, a science fiction thriller by the name of Biotime.  It’s a revelatory, thrilling and sometimes scary read.  You heard about it here first.

Happy reading!


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