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Coming soon: Hotel Story Number 4: “Britches”

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I have been delighted with the positive responses to my first three “Hotel Stories“.  You can read about them at the link.

In that blog I promised a fourth Hotel Story.  I’m pleased to say that Britches is nearly ready.

Actually, it’s been nearly ready for some time.  But because Britches features some of the seamier side of events in hotels; and because – quite independently of any seamy elements – it also features a large number of Scotsmen in kilts, as well as a Combined Burns Night and St Patrick’s Day Ball, I thought it might be best to wait until after the Scottish referendum to publish it.

Let’s be clear: the Scots in Britches are attractive characters.  As Tatiana, the narrator of the Hotel Stories, says: “I have never before met a man who is wearing a skirt.  But for me this is not a problem as I believe people should be allowed to wear whatever they wish.  Also, the skirt is showing off the man’s legs.  These legs are looking healthy and well-shaped and are covered in thick red-coloured hair, like fur.”

Tatiana finds that she is attracted to the man with the hairy, shapely legs.  As she says later: “For a moment his green eyes look into mine and I think maybe I want to kiss him, although of course this would be inappropriate behaviour.

If you want to find out whether Tatiana ever kisses the man with the hairy, shapely legs; and why this question is key to the resolution of the story, you’ll have to buy Britches on Amazon when it is released shortly.

You’ll also have a chance to discover how the world’s most brilliant hotel manager, Ms N, works with Tatiana to solve permanently the problem of Mr Minas, hotel-owner from hell and son-in-law of the democratic and incorruptible President Abdullatov; and the role which the man with the hairy, shapely legs plays in fulfilling Ms N’s plan.

I hope Scots, as well as English, Welsh, Irish and anyone else who may stumble upon the Hotel Stories, will enjoy Britches.  I certainly like it; but then going back just a couple of generations I am 12.5% Scottish as well as 12.5% Welsh.  The rest, I think, is English – although I am also proud of having been conceived in Nigeria.

Watch this space for more news about Britches.

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