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Coming soon: brilliant writing news

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Brilliant news. Here in Istanbul, I’m doing lots of writing.

A new Hotel Story is in the works.  Want to know how Tatiana and Ms N first met, and whether Tatiana really comes from Ukraine?  You can find out soon in Britches.  As always, the story is not for the faint-hearted.  But lovers of kilts; travellers who stay in luxury hotels; professionals who have anything to do hotels, or with organising events in them (especially St Patrick’s Day and Burns Night Balls); and all those who dislike men who use their power to harm others, should enjoy Britches.


I’ve also started work on my new Istanbul novel.  The working title is Istanbul Rising.  6,000 words down so far.  Istanbul Rising combines myth-flavoured events around the Conquest of Istanbul in 1453 with a modern-day thriller.  I won’t say more as the project is under wraps.  But if you fancy a refreshing new take on how Fatih Sultan Mehmet really conquered Istanbul and why that matters for the future of this fabulous city in the modern age, watch out for Istanbul Rising.

I’m thinking of changing my nom de plume to something else.  That will be a big job, and would include renaming this blog.  If anyone has good ideas on how to choose a good writing name or has experience of switching from their real name to a nom de plume, along with its benefits and pitfalls, please let me know.  A contact form is below or you can hit “leave a reply” on the “Best of?” page.

Finally, do bear in mind that all my fiction is just that: fiction.  That includes “Istanbul Rising”; the “Hotel Stories” and anything else which appears under the “Fiction” sections of this blog.  See disclaimer for details.

Happy reading!

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