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“Sex and the Summit”

A full-length novel, Sex and the Summit, is on my shelf.

Elegant, outrageous and addictive, Sex and the Summit will, if it ever published, surprise you, entertain you and make you laugh out loud.

Unsuccessful diplomat Angus Fairfax loves his two young children, Emily and Ned. But his career has fizzled as his wife – and boss – Carolyn has soared to new heights. When Carolyn says she wants both to divorce Angus and to fire him, he will do anything to win her back. But how?

Sex and the Summit answers many questions you’ve long wondered about. Can ignoring the Official Secrets Act boost your career? Why should journalists be wary of hamsters? What do ministers and officials think of each other? What if you pull the levers of power and they come off in your hand? How are deals cut, faces saved and national interests sacrificed at international summits? Can a one-night stand with an ex-girlfriend from North Carolina help your marriage? What are diplomats really like – and how, if at all, do men really think?

“Funny, pacy, sexy… Pimm has the sharpness of observation and amused cynicism of a political insider. This is the genuine article: a security-pass into a world-within-a-world, where top diplomats are also men and women with real lives, real fears and real desires” – Matthew Parris on “Sex and the Summit”.

Excerpts from Sex and the Summit are on this site.  I have no plans to publish the novel at the moment, but if you like it, let me know.  Meanwhile if you fancy a flavour of my published writing, check out excerpts of my short Hotel Stories starting with The Two Rooms; read Hotel Stories: The Complete Collectionor read my novel Biotime on this site.



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