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For the first 45 months of its existence, this blog had the same header image – a detail of the ceiling of the chapel at the Central Cemetery in Vienna:

Recently, following a suggestion from a reader, I have uploaded 15 new header images which change randomly as you move from post to post.

All together, that makes 16 header images, including the one above.  One is not a place, but the spine of a book by Anthony Trollope, one of my favourite authors, entitled The Way we Live Now.

That leaves 15 images of places.  How many can you identify?  Some clues:

  • the images feature 13 countries.  Two feature twice
  • I took all the pictures
  • six are from islands; three from small islands
  • that’s enough clues – Ed.

If you fancy a guess, do leave a comment.  Let me know if you’d like more pictures, or if you would prefer me to revert to a single image instead of the carousel.

Good luck and enjoy the blog – now with over 200 entries to browse.  Something for everyone, I hope.


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