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Sometimes you see an iguana.  Other times, a man gazing down a valley.

You may see an image of a beach, or a car hood ornament, or an image from Chernobyl.

What are those header pictures?

Well, for the first 45 months of its existence, this blog had the same header image – a detail of the ceiling of the chapel at the Central Cemetery in Vienna:

I liked that image.  It has melancholy associations, is Viennese, and and looks splendid.

But a few months back, following a suggestion from a reader, I uploaded new header images which change randomly as you move from post to post.  Altogether there are 27 different images

All but three are of places.  The exceptions are the spine of a book by Anthony Trollope, one of my favourite authors, entitled The Way we Live Now; some spines of my thriller Blood Summit; and a picture of the Reichstag with an attack helicopter, from the cover of Blood Summit.

I will offer a small prize to anyone who can guess more than 75% of the 24 locations on my header pix.  You already know one (above).  Leave a comment, or contact me.

Good luck and enjoy the blog – now with over 200 entries to browse.  Something for everyone, I hope.


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